The SuperBeets uses a special and exclusive drying process to maintain the integrity of the nutrients in beets and nutritional nitrites.

The dietary nitrates included in the dietary supplement are converted to nitrogen oxide by the body, which offers a wide range of advantages. For example, boosting the energy level, supporting healthy blood pressure, and promoting healthy blood flow to the body.

SuperBeets FAQ

My urine and other wastes turn pink after consuming the SuperBeets. Is this normal?

Yes, it is completely normal. This event is known as bed urine, the passage of pink or red urine after eating beets. The perceived color is due to the propinquity of a beet pigment, betacyanin, in the urine. Beets are generally found in 10-14% of the population. Thus, don’t worry at all.

Are sodium and potassium naturally present in SuperBeets beets or are they added?

The sodium and potassium in SuperBeets are naturally produced from the beets used in the product.

How do I consume the SuperBeets?

You can consume up to 10g per day or two 5g measuring spoons in 24 hours.

My SuperBeets powder was a little baggy. It is normal?

Yes. SuperBeets are extremely sensitive to humidity and heat and can be swallowed if they are exposed to heat or sun for a long time. Close the container tightly after usage and store it in a cool, dry place. Please note that the chipboard does not affect the effectiveness of the product and dissolves when properly mixed with water. To facilitate mixing, shake, or break the powder with a utensil before picking it up.

What’s the difference between SuperBeets and BeetElite?

SuperBeets is the daily superfood in your cycle to advance energy and maintain healthy blood pressure every day. BeetElite is optimized for pre-exercise applications to efficiently animate foods that activate nitrogen oxide and to ease the body to promote resistance to permanent physical activity and increased endurance.